KAS – where the Mountains meet the Sea

Kas lies hidden in a quiet picturesque bay on the Lycian coast. Kas was called Habesos by the Lycians and later Antiphellos by the greeks. A small fishing village, off the beaten track, Kas has a traditional atmosphere. The town centre has narrow lanes and greek houses with typical wooden balconies and is protected by the Turkish National Trust.We find old traditional restaurants next to sarcophagi, the overflowing Turkish greengrocers next to a bar. And just across the water the greek island of Kastellorizo. And then an unforgettable moment: to stand on the steps of the ancient Theatre whilst the sun sinks beneath the horizon.

You simply must like Kas. Kas and its surroundings. The Lycian coast here is widely diversified, with islands, peninsulas, bays and hidden beaches.’ Phellos’ means ‘stony land’ and the Lycians, Greeks and Romans had problems with this. Today one is pleased over the alternative to never-ending beaches. Mountains on the outskirts of the town reach dizzy heights, as if to watch over it and the harbour.

Large and small boats take you out over the blue crystal-clear water to countless small white beaches. Or to dive to a ship- or aircraft wreck (JU52!) that one can find here. Or with a motor yacht between the islands to the sunken town of Kekova, or to Ükagiz where one can wine and dine on the water, or to Kaleköy, the old village beneath the citadel which even today one can only reach by boat. In the evening Kas is a lively Bazaar with many small restaurants.