Our Offer includes for the patient and one escort for 14 days:

     - Condor or Sun Express flight from all airports
- Transfer airport-hotel-airport for 2 persons
- Friendly 3-star hotel half-board/dbl. room/Shower & WC/Air-conditioning/TV/Telephone/Balcony
- Transfer between hotel, hospital and dolphinarium
- Dolphinarium incl. patient welfare
- 10 x 45 minute Dolphin Therapy sessions, patient contact to dolphin, Psychiatrist, Translator, Trainer, Family members
- 10 x 1 hour physiotherapy session with Physiologist in Hotel REHA Praxis
- Translator, Family Care, Chauffeur, Minibus daily 14 hours
- Invoice suitable for Tax-reduction purposes

• Surcharge for: Health Insurance, Sport, Day-trips, Active- and entertainment programme according to the wishes of the accompanying person.
Total Price: from  5.690.- Euro (for patient and 1 other)

     Course Details
1. Arrival / Dalaman airport or Antalya
2. Free day
3. Registration and a day to become acquainted
4. – 13 Day, Therapy
14. Free day
15. day of departure / Dalaman airport or Antalya
Therapy Services and Arrangements:

• Analysis of previous clinical therapeutic evidence by our team of doctors.
• Clarifying, Advisory and Introductory discussion with the family and the patient.
• Instructions and provisions for the first contact with Seawater, Dolphin and Therapist.
• Swimming with Dolphin doctor, Dolphin, Trainer; Translator.
• 10 daily therapy sessions with direct dolphin contact in water.
• 10 daily physiotherapy sessions with Physiotherapist in Hotel REHA Praxis. . . Therapy learning-programme for parents to improve parent-child relationship.
• Analytical Clinical Assessment Report of the Therapy and its results.

Convincing Attributes of our Offer and the Service of ONMEGA Ltd

  • Brief Journey

  • Healthy, sunny climate (sunshine more than 300 Days a year)

  • Beautiful locality of Kas

  • 3-star hotels, suitable for handicapped, half-board

  • Hospital with Paediatrician 6 minutes away

  • Best seawater-animal enclosure solution (no concrete swimming pool)

  • The dolphinarium is strictly for therapeutic purposes – no shows for tourists

  • Experienced Dolphin Therapy team of doctors and dolphin trainer

  • 10 direct-contact Dolphin Therapy sessions, 45 minutes each with dolphin

  • 10 Physiotherapy sessions in Hotel REHA Praxis with Physiologist, 1 hour daily

  • Family-care, Translator, Chauffeur/daily minibus transfer

  • Doctor’s Therapy Report

  • Best Price/Service Ratio

  • Invoice suitable for tax-reduction purposes

  • Friendly complete-service and travel programme through Mega Sport Travel Services