23 Mayıs 2006

My son Ahmet Hamdi has been diagnosed with autistic mental and motor retardation. He has also some spastic characteristics and hyperactivity problems. The doctors we consulted suspected  Williams Syndrome but it could not be diagnosed with any certainty because these tests cannot be undertaken in Turkey. Because of his general condition, he could not speak nor could he take care of himself. He was attending a special rehabilitation Centre in Gaziantep, the town where we have lived for the past 5 years. One day we heard on TV, quite by chance, something about dolphin therapy and we made investigations in the internet, subsequently we made contact with the Centre. We went to Kas on my vacation and had a screening with Dr. Galina. After her evaluation we decided on a course of Therapy. Our first interview was in July.

Our therapy would start on 11th September. We drove to Kas with our car and we stayed at the apart hotel ALI BABA.

The 12th September was given as our therapy date, so on that day we went excitedly to the therapy Centre.   But in the Centre they told us that there was a mistake and our therapy would start on the 13th of September. There was nothing we could do. We returned to the hotel and extended our reservation for one more day but our enthusiasm was deflated.*

The next day, we went to see Mischa at the stated time, and the Therapy had begun. Just as everything was carrying on very successfully, we learnt, on the 3rd day, that Mr. Ahter who was helping my son Ahmet Hamdi would not work with us anymore. This state of affairs affected us very much. Mr. Axel came to us to discuss the situation and informed us that we would continue with Miss Svetlana. He also told us that this situation would not affect the therapy, and that the most important part of the therapy is to be in the same environment as the dolphin and to receive the sonar waves emitted by the dolphin. Mr. Ahter entered the water and showed my son what to do and helped him, but Miss Svetlana did not do this and wanted me to enter the water. One other problem, maybe the biggest one, was that our therapy times were close to evening. The temperature was evidently decreasing and the wind was coming up. Since my son has a weak constitution, he was trembling when he came out of the water. We tried to clear this problem using two towels.

The therapy continued with some troubles. However, on the 8th day of the therapy my son did something which he has never done before. At night, while we were sitting on the balcony, he stood up and began to sing a refrain, a part of a song. Ahmet Hamdi, who could only vocalize just a few words until that day, was singing for the first time. I would have cried with joy but instead of crying, I praised Allah once again, because He had given us the opportunity to meet with Mischa.

Eight months have elapsed since then. The reason we waited so long to make a report to you was that we wanted to observe his progress and provide more detailed information.  Within the elapsed time, my son could sing a few more songs. He can say 15-20 times more words than before the therapy. He can keep more contact with his mother and sister. When he is hungry he can express himself that he wants food. When he needs to visit the toilet he goes to the toilet by himself (although he cannot clean himself). He also has fewer problems with his teacher at lessons.

We don’t know what life will give us or will take away. After all the difficulties we have experienced, a little smile we gain is worth all the effort, especially if it from your own child.

Thank you all :)

saglam27@hotmail. com

Wednesday 24 May, 2006 6:35 PM

Hello everybody,

I want to write something about a very short therapy-2 sessions- we had last summer. My son Doga is 10 years old, autistic and hyperactive. We had a very distressed time in the summer of 2005. My son was ever more unhappy and nervous. He was shouting and crying continuously. Nothing was making him happy. News about the benefits of dolphin therapy which I had read about in the Cumhuriyet newspaper encouraged me to try this therapy. We were just able to get a reservation for 29th October. The first two days the weather was OK but then the temperature of the seawater dropped and Doga did not want to enter the water, so we postponed the remaining therapy until this year. We have been waiting for the meeting this year with enthusiasm. The two sessions were very good for all the family. This winter passed much more peacefully. Doga’s crying is wholly finished. His perception developed very much.

It is possible to join the therapy with the whole family. It is wonderful to swim with the dolphin and it creates an effect like a dose of Prozac. We are all very happy. We fell in love with Mischa. I think not only handicapped children but all children should swim with Mischa because of its wonderful effect; in my opinion it is more successful than the best psychologist.

Regards and love
Cavidan Kozlu
Doga’s mother

ckozlu@gmail. com


Hello Mr. Linke

Thankyou for the information about the second location. As promised we have managed, at long last, to send you a short report on our experiences:

Already two months have passed since we were in Kas. For us it was a very intensive, but also a very pleasant holiday. At the beginning Stephanie was not too keen on Mischa or the Therapy. But this improved after four days and most of the time she didn’t cry at all with Mischa. Slowly she found it interesting when Mischa came to her. She liked swimming with Mischa and Papa best. ( see photos)

In Kas we noticed that she could swing her legs a lot more freely when sitting. She couldn’t do that before. At home this ability deteriorated a little. Probably something to do with the colder climate?!

Additionally we have noticed changes in her social behaviour and her cognizance of her surroundings. Her eye-to-eye contact has improved and she reacts more quickly when we call her or when she should look at something. She can also show her emotions a little better.

We enjoyed it very much and we were also very thankful for the very good service from Alex und Natalie, who gladly and promptly filled our every wish.

Also the Physiotherapy with Artur was very good, we continue at home with certain exercises.

We were glad that we had separately booked our flight from Switzerland, so that we had a day-flight and not overnight. The only drawback was that it was a bit more expensive, because this method of travel was not on offer from you.

Should we visit Kas again, then definitely only with travel by day. We think that you, as the travel organizers, should also have this on offer.

Please extend our best wishes to the team at the dolphinarium. We were happy to hear that Mischa now has a partner, because we thought he had more than enough to do.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Best wishes from snowy Switzerland,

Anita and  Marcel Greuter


Hello Mr Linke,

Already a month has passed since we were in Kas with Andrina for Dolphin Therapy.
We are still filled with enthusiasm. Although we didn’t notice any change in Andrina’s condition during the Therapy it was more than just successful. Now that we are at home again we notice, specifically with regard to Andrina’s psychological condition (Depression), a massive and positive improvement. She is happy and contented, is looking forward to the future (she would like to become a Dolphin Therapist….) and she has integrated herself in the classroom. There has been no change in her Anorexia as yet. Taken altogether the visit was well worthwhile.
In Kas you mentioned that shortly (in December?) a new Therapy Centre will be opened. Would you please send us details? Our neighbour is very much interested, and we would like to inform him about the new Centre.
Many thanks for your reply, and would you please give our kindest regards to Alex and Nathalie.
with best wishes,
Rosmarie Schlegel
Im Leuen 84
CH-8243 Altdorf SH
+4152/649 43 40






Schlegel’s Second letter:

Hello Mr Linke,

Many thanks for the detailed Information. I now realise that we are a part of the big Kas-Dolphin-Family. It was not just a business transaction, it was a human relationship. So I am pleased all the more to hear from ‘our family’. I was especially pleased to hear that Mischa is no longer alone and that he may work on his own family….

Rosmarie Schlegel

From: Sabine Harzke
Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 10:15 PM
Subject: Delphintherapie vom 17.10.-31.10.2005 in Kas

Hello Mr Linke,
As promised, greetings from the Baltic coast.
3 weeks have gone by and we can say that the Therapy was very good. The team in the Dolphin Centre, Natalie, Alex and Paul's favourite Driver Ismail were all very kind and we felt really good the whole time. Everyone took good care of us. Everyone was very understanding and very patient with our Paul. We have already noted many small improvements. Paul is now more concentrated, his Motorik has improved and he has learnt some new words. The Physiotherapy with Mr. Ahter Sumbul was also very good, we took back with us a lot of helpful information. At this point we would like to heartily thank once again everyone that was involved in this successful venture. I am attaching a few photos.
A further comment on the Organisation: we must admit that at the beginning, having decided on the Therapy in Kas, we were a little sceptical as to whether everything would turn out as described. Today we can say that it was a wonderful experience and that the Therapy has made improvements. The Aquapark Hotel was, by the way, also very nice.
The Organisation was very good from Start to Finish. Something that we did find annoying, you can’t get away without a little criticism, was the Transfer with Oger Tours. Everything worked well and the Personnel were friendly, but changing vehicles twice in the middle of the night was not to our taste.
Maybe the Therapy Bus Service could organize the Transfer, that would save the kids having to change vehicles and save the parents some Stress.
If you like you may use this ‘Mail for your Success stories. We will happily answer any questions, please send to our E-Mail Address: :
We are definitely coming back to Kas, and to Mischa the Dolphin.
Best Wishes also to Elena,
the Harzke Family,

Therapy Report from the Kohl Family
Fam. Kohl-Bragard
L-9184 Schrondweiler
Luxemburg den, 1.10.2005

Stress on arrival in Frankfurt airport, it was crowded and most check-in desks were not open, it was 4 am and there were long queues. Sylvie had asked for a special service for Steve, our handicapped son, so that he wouldn’t become impatient and start his screaming. So we were checked-in with our baggage straightaway. In the aircraft everything ran smoothly, there were no problems and the crew was very friendly. There were no problems either on arrival in Dalaman. Finding the busses was a bit difficult as we didn’t know which one was for us, but Öger Tours collected us using a sign and took us to the right bus. The Transfer was long and chaotic, we had to change busses twice and we arrived very tired.
In Kas we had accommodation in the Hotel Aqua Park, Room 409, with a small balcony, and the first week went very well. Steve, our son, is very loving but also very loud, especially in the first week of Dolphin Therapy. Steve claps his hands a lot and our neighbours complained, so we had to move into Suite 518 with a veranda. After the move Steve was quieter, he could go in and out when he wanted to, and the view was much nicer. The Hotel was very pleasant with lots of different things on offer, the staff was very friendly, but the families with handicapped children should have all been accommodated in the same building, a little further away, right from the start. It was also a shame that no-one at the Reception spoke German or French, which could have caused problems. Luckily our Therapy Escort Connie, who was always with us, spoke French and translated for us and gave us information and advice.

The food in the Hotel was varied and excellent.

The Therapy team was very friendly, the Russian therapists were kind and understanding, our Attendant Alex was cool at the beginning, but thawed out later on. Ahter Sumbul, the Physiotherapist, and Alex were very friendly, also Connie our Escort who did her job excellently. At every session the therapists entered the water with Steve and explained in Russian, Nathalia then translating for us into German and Connie into French. In this way we understood everything for our son Steve.

The therapists who entered the water with Steve were very competent. Svetlana and Airat were very friendly and motivating for Steve, we hope they stay there a long time.

Kas is beautiful and hot, but bearable because of the wind.

This Therapy helped Steve a lot; he will in time find his way out of his isolation.
Here are a few examples of sentences spoken by Steve during his stay in Kas:
Going to the toilet on my own.
Put that in the bin, you’ve eaten everything.
I’m going to bed now.
I break everything.

The Transfer from the Hotel to the Therapy was punctual and friendly. Altogether we were satisfied.
Steve Kohl’s Therapy:

At the beginning of the Therapy, Steve was very nervous and impulsive. In the evenings he quickly went to sleep, spoke a few more words. He didn’t have enough self-confidence. At the end of the first week, he was showing more initiative, he spoke more, re-acted quicker and was less nervous. Steve is more free now, he has more self-confidence and he is less afraid. His glances are more stable; he can look around normally for longer periods and can maintain normal eye-contact to people and things longer too.

Phone: 00352 352-81 25 70
Fax : 00352 352-81 87 26

Dear Therapy Team!
As promised, here follows a Summary of our Dolphin Therapy in Kas.

We had been previously informed that the Transfer from Dalaman Airport to Kas was functioning well only intermittently, and as we didn’t want to spend three hours in a cramped tourist bus we booked at short notice a `special Transfer` – expensive, but it saved us trouble with the transfer.
The Hotel was suitable for the Handicapped, the personnel was friendly. We were booked in the Hotel Phellos. We were told that ramps were present in the Reception area for children in Wheelchairs and Buggies, we still had to contend with one or two stairs, but there are no hotels in Kas with lifts. The hotel food was very good. A small criticism is that because of the half-board, the cost of water and juices for the children is not inclusive.
The Therapy team must be highly praised. The physiotherapy with Mr. Ahter Sümbül was very professional. One receives also a very detailed Report over the work of the Physiotherapist with the child. The sessions last about 1 hour. We were very enthusiastic about this therapy. One can take home lots of new information and knowledge.

The local supervisory staff comprised 3 interpreters and one bus chauffeur. This team was particularly a massive help. They provided a really great service. Not only were we taken to the Dolphin Therapy with the bus, but also to the beach or the chemist or wherever we needed to go. The Team also undertook occasional babysitting, so that we parents could switch off for an hour or so.

OK, now to the reason for our trip, the Dolphin Therapy:

As we had already undertaken a `Therapy Experience with Dolphins` in Cuba, we brought with us certain expectations to Kas. The `Russian Method` of Dolphin Therapy is quite different to that on offer in Cuba (or to that in Florida).

At first we were disappointed, because nothing much happened. Also Tobias was unsure of himself because no one told him to do anything. He was allowed to stroke the dolphins, swim with them, throw them the ball and so on, but all without pressure. The dolphin did not play the role of being a `Reward`, not even as `Motivator`. He was just there, and Tobias, who was always with a parent in the water, could decide mostly himself what he wanted to do. Now whether that is extremely good or bad, I would not like to say. I must admit that at first we were disappointed, also because Denis, the Beluga whale, was ill and we never saw him. So every day Mischa the dolphin was there, and the Therapy was similar each day.

Before the Therapy began, Dr. Michael treated Tobias`spine (something like Manual Therapy). What troubled us during the Therapy sessions was the fact that the Doctor did not enter the water with Tobias, to work together with the dolphin, but instead sat on the edge of the pool and gave instructions from there. But like I said, at the end of the Therapy we came to the conclusion that the peacefulness and harmony that is produced by this form of Dolphin Therapy certainly has its advantages. Tobias enjoyed the close contact to the dolphin during all the therapy sessions very much. And especially because he could, without pressure or continual demands, swim with the dolphin.

The sea in Kas was very clean and clear. The water temperature was most comfortable. The Dolphinarium was also very clean and pleasant.

Taking it all together, we enjoyed our stay in Kas very much. The supervisory team was excellent and the local organization functioned very well. We can neither criticize nor extremely praise the Dolphin Therapy. It is a Therapy to which there is no comparison.

Please address any questions to email : andrea.huber@hocnet.at

Best wishes to all !
Andrea Huber

Visit our Homepage
: www.hubertobias.at.tf

1. Dolphin Therapy in Kas, Turkey

We had a lot of fuss at the beginning of our journey. Shortly before we left for Kas, Turkey, we had to buy a child’s seat. A seat that the Airline Condor required to certify. The suggested model ‘Romer King Quickfix" is no longer available according to the supplier. Apparently it was last manufactured two years ago. So we opted for the next model in line, namely the ‘Romer King TS Plus’. After a lot of backwards and forwards, Condor finally found it acceptable.

So we started our journey on 12.09.05 at 16.00 hrs at Stuttgart airport. At the airport we were handled very well and were accompanied to the aircraft. The flight to Dalaman airport took 2.5 hours and we were pampered by the crew all the way.

When we arrived in Dalaman (plus 1 hour) the crew arranged for an Escort to be there on our return.

At the airport Alex was waiting for us (he takes care of the dolphin park) and he took us to the transfer bus which we had specially booked. Although this was not compatible with the price as we had to wait in the heat for our ‘special transfer’ to leave, costing 240 ä, for 1.5 hrs when another family joined us. So we left finally at 21.30 for Kas, a distance of 190 kms that took 3 hours, the roads not being as good as those in Germany.

We arrived at the Hotel Phellos at 00.30 hrs; as soon as we got to our rooms we went to bed as we were very sleepy. We had seen little of our immediate surroundings so it was with great joy when we arose the next day to see the dark blue sea and mountains, above us blue sky and sunshine.

Dolphin Therapy

We were driven daily to the Dolphin park, 5 mins. away, with the Transfer bus. The busses could not comfortably transport wheelchairs or Rehab-buggies.

At the Dolphin park Dominik had a Doctor’s examination that took about an hour. Afterwards we talked about the aims of the Dolphin therapy for Dominik, and then we could begin. First of all Dominik was introduced to Mischa the dolphin. The Therapy session lasted about 45 mins. each day, Dominik was in the seawater pool with Mischa and either Dr. Michael or the Physiotherapist (Ahter Sumbul). The Therapy did Dominik a lot of good and he also enjoyed it very much. Dominik had to touch the dolphin either with his hands or his feet. He could also lie on the dolphin and swim around the pool with him. The dolphin is held in a natural environment. During this time Dominik became more conscious of his surroundings and also his eye contact improved. Dominik was not too keen on the daily Physiotherapy at the Hotel. At the end of the Therapy we were presented with a report and a video showing the exercises to be continued at home. We practice the exercises diligently and Dominik now likes to do them.

Return Journey

The return Journey began with a catastrophe. We were picked up by the transfer bus at 16.00 hrs. The driver soon discovered a defect, so we stopped and a replacement bus was sent out. After waiting 30 mins., we had to unload all our baggage. Then the journey to Dalaman continued (Arrival 19.00 hrs). There we were supposed to have been met by Metin Obus, a member of the firm A-gerTour, and escorted as we were in Stuttgart. However this was not the case. We were helped at the check-in, but after the passport control there was no-one to take over, so we were on our own. So we had to join all the other passengers in the airport bus to get to the aircraft. Weighed down with hand baggage, video camera, our child’s seat and a handicapped child in a rehab buggy we entered the airport bus over an escalator. Once at the aircraft we had to seek help from someone to stow the rehab buggy, then we entered the aircraft carrying Dominik and all our baggage. We were welcomed by a a very friendly Condor crew. The flight lasted 3 hours so we had a rest. The departure time at 21.00 hrs was not quite suitable for handicapped children. Having landed in Stuttgart (23.00 hrs MET) everything went smoothly. We were met by two young men on the aircraft. They put Dominik, complete with seat, in a wheelchair and we were off past passport control and baggage claim to our car, ready and waiting to take us home. At 00.30 hrs. our long and eventful day came to an end.

Although the Transfer had its hiccups, the stay in Kas, Turkey, was nice and we will try, with the help of donations, for another Dolphin Therapy next year. Then with the hope that the transfer will be more efficient.



When we were told that our son Erman Asarlı is half autistic in the Çapa Medicine Faculty in Istanbul we were depressed and made some research. We have taken him to Laser (Acupunctural) therapy and special training and still continue to do so. Finally, we took him to Dolphin Therapy at Kaş. After the therapy our son begun to speak more than before. He has gained more confidence. He has begun to ride his bicycle very well. He is going to 5th class of primary school in order to approach and make friends with others. His interest in, and communication with his environment has increased. We hope he will contiue to improve.

Kadriye Asarlı, İstanbul
0544-241 75 20

Hello Kas

We had a great time in Kas at the end of May and beginning of June. We took part in the Dolphin Therapy with our daughter (10 years old, Rett Syndrome). The Organizers and the Therapists were extremely friendly and helpful. Our daughter received a Physiotherapy that we had long searched for in Austria.
The surroundings, the weather and the water (one could see down to the seabed) were superb. We really enjoyed these two weeks.
Three years ago we visited Dr. Nathanson in Florida. We were quite impressed with Dolphin Therapy so we decided to do it again. This time we chose Kas, because it’s nearer, cheaper and there is no 1 or 2-year waiting list. We were not disappointed and we shall return there when possible.
The Therapy is a little different to that in Florida. We and our daughter also enjoyed the therapy in Kas very much. It is more restful than in Florida (always only one therapy session) and also the Beluga whales were snuggley and easy-going. It was nice that on the last day brothers and sisters could enter the water too. A big thankyou to the Organizers and especially to the Physiotherapist.
We will readily answer any queries

Dr. Barbara Borns
e-mail: bborns@lawpartners.at

Hallo Axel,
Hallo everyone,

Sorry to be late.

Regarding Adrian, first of all thank you for everything, I think the therapy was very successful. Adrian changed a lot, he has quietened down, he is much more interested in his surroundings, he is getting up more.

He has also stopped ( almost!) staying in his own world, he is more present now. One more thing, his "head-cramps" have also stopped. I have the feeling that Adrian has started to learn more things, he concentrates, he starts to busy himself with games, he tries to do things and is not passive all the time.

It is not really the "report" that you expected I think, but you can see that the Dolphin Therapy has brought us a lot and it gives us a good feeling.

Next report will come, I promise,

Best regards to all of you Richard Gallon,


Worldchampion in Acrobatic- Paragliding

We have experienced 2 wonderful weeks in a beautiful environment.
It was a time that we will never forget. A super team – from Management, personal attention, Driver, Interpreter right up to the Therapists and Doctors (Physiotherapy and Dolphin Therapy) - friendly, helpful, one’s every wish was catered for!
It was the first Dolphin Therapy for Silas, our 12 year old foster child.
Due to past occurrences, the boy is extremely psychologically handicapped, he suffers acute anxiety, massive Auto aggression and an atypical Autism.

Our experiences are difficult to put into words, but because Silas has a Communication-help (Talker), here follows a small excerpt from his own words:

-animals freed head for new knowledge
-I brought old things out of my brain
-it was very interesting for me
-Mischel was very helpful
-I experience lots of new things about myself
-I will miss the animals very much
-my thoughts are clear, my words better

The Dolphin Therapy was indeed a great break-through for Silas. Never could he write about his feelings, never about his past.
We, also, learnt a lot of new things, we learnt a lot about our son, how he thinks, feels and about his Problems.

Because of these experiences a lot of things have changed at home in his Treatment und Therapy and we hope with all of our hearts that now Silas can really be helped.

Silas speaks more, and clearer, he can also write at home about his Feelings and Thoughts, has learned to communicate not only his immediate desires. It borders on a miracle that we have at last the opportunity to really get to know our child, and we can understand his actions a lot better.

We can only say one thing:

We would gladly answer any questions from interested families:


Report sent by Waidler family as PPT presentation-June 2005 - Click on to download

Second letter from Silas

Hello Axel and everyone!
Dietmar and I realised today that Silas’ Dolphin Therapy was three months ago.
We had promised to inform you of his progress.
It is a fact that Silas has maintained his state of health since the Therapy.
He seldom sits in his wheelchair and rarely uses his arm splints preferring for self-protection
bandages which we used at the end of our stay in Kas.
He is altogether more content and well-balanced as he was before the Therapy and
he still writes on his Talker. He appears more at ease and also more concentrated. This is
really a success and we are very happy about that.
Naturally we hope that he will continue to improve; we hope that at some point
(hopefully soon) we can do away with fixation and restraints.

Very best wishes from all of us to all of you ! We often think of you and the
wonderful time in Kas.
Siggi Waidler

E-mail: D.S.Waidler@t-online.de

Hello Axel, Alex, Galina, in fact everyone!

Nina is doing just fine. Her Doctor is well pleased, she has really improved. Her co-ordination is smoother and she is more stable and is still very happy. It was a wonderful experience for all of us.
Maybe we shall come back next year (We shall start saving now!)
In the attachment are a few photos from our holiday.

To Alex: How are you? Got lots of stress? NINA misses you!

with best wishes

NINA, HANNAH, Petra and Thomas Gietl

Contact Address: petra.gietl@gmx.de


Hello Elena, Hello Axel,

At long last I have found the time to send a reply. Luis is very well and has made tremendous progress. Before the Dolphin Therapy he would look at me only by chance, now he concentrates on what is said to him. Also when someone entered the room Luis would show no reaction, now he straightaway turns his head to see who it is. In the next few days I will write again and attach some photos. Till then, greetings to all we know, we had such a nice time we really felt at home, we miss you all very much.

Best wishes
Alexandra, Silvia, Luis and Lenard

E-mail: a.nold@onlinehome.de

Final Report on Dolphin Therapy
by Laura Luna Thaller
Date: Sunday, 19.6.2005 to Tuesday, 28.6.2005

1. General
First of all we would like to thank everyone for their commitment and assistance.
We express our gratitude not only to the medical/scientific team under the management of Dr. Gallina Manjosova and her Assistant Dr. Elena Butusova and the Dolphin trainer Mr. Ilja Makarevitsch, but also to the organisatory staff under the management of Alex Lavrinetz and the Interpreters Ms. Siara and Ms. Natalia Lavrinetz, to Ms. Ece and our Driver Mr. Mehmed , and to Mr. Ahter Suembuel for the Physiotherapy.
The Dolphin Therapy was a success for Laura.

2. Organization
2.1 The Flight
Although we had stated when booking that we were travelling with a wheelchair, and Megasport has already sent necessary information and demand to Oeger Tour no wheelchair service had been ordered in Salzburg. The flight times were not suitable for children or for the handicapped, our children aged 4 and 9 found it very trying. The return flight at 6am on Friday, meaning that we had to leave at midnight on Thursday thereby losing a whole day (Friday) at the hotel, was not to our taste.
2.2 Transfer
The crew were most competent, reliable and punctual, whether it was collection from the airport or the daily transfers from and to the Therapy, or whether it was the small helpful trips to the beach or in the town.
2.3 Welfare Crew
On all points very capable and very competent! Always kind and friendly, whether it be day or night. We felt we were in very good hands! At no time was there anything to criticize.
If this high standard of Service is maintained (and we are sure this will be the case) then this will be a very positive aspect for all other families that come to the Therapy with children.

2.4 The Hotel (Hotel Club Phellos)
The rooms were OK, however not always wheelchair-suitable. Almost no amenities for parents with small children (the playground had 2 see-saws and 2 swings) and the swimming pool, except for the very small baby pool, was too deep for small children.
The food in the form of a Buffet was very good, however a greater portion of it was, because of the hot spices, inedible for children.

3. Therapy
3.1 Successes
From our point of view the Therapy ran its course very well. Through the Doctor’s direction and assistance, and because of the dolphin Mischa and the beluga whale Denis, improvements in the following areas of Laura’s condition became apparent:
1. Range of motion, especially in the shoulder joints, was visibly improved (eg. Throwing the ball overhead).
2. Laura’s reaction time, usually10 to 15 seconds delay due to the Rett syndrome, was noticeably reduced.
3. Laura is much quicker to obtain eye-to-eye contact, which also points to a faster reaction-time.
4. Phonetics and speech is distinctly better and more understandable.
3.2 Course of Therapy
A few further words concerning the course of the therapy:
We were pleased that Laura always had a fixed appointment (at the same time of day), and that because of this Laura could be well prepared.
Dr.Gallina and Dr.Elena were very competent and never asked too much of Laura and she was never in a dangerous situation. The success of the therapy was, to our mind, strengthened through the Doctors’ instructions.
It is also of our opinion that the dolphin and beluga whale were very well prepared for their task.
The Physiotherapy administered by Mr. Ahter Suembuel was a very good, helpful and supportive supplement.
With best wishes
Family Thaller-Klingraber

e-mail:  andreas.thaller@chillo.at
Thursday, 30. June 2005


It is very nice to hear from you. Sammy is doing fine. I really think that the therapy helped him a lot in the psychological development. His movements are only a little better but his alertness and interest in the world have visibly improved.

I was thinking to get in touch with lgor and will probably do so, but later. I also remember about the composition you asked me to write but again,later. Since the therapy season is not coming up for the next couple of months I would take some time to write it. There are so many things happening here - I am still dealing with the consequences of being absent from Moscow for a month - therefore, I am sorry, but this is not a good time me yet.

Olga Bugrova
Email : bugrool@yahoo.com

Dear Axel,

Sorry for not responding earlier, but unfortunately Antea was ill and we spent a week in the hospital. She had high fever and a convulsion, which we could not resolve at home. Now she is at home hopefully for the final stage of recovery.

About the effects of the therapy: I should start seeing them now as Dr Igor told me, but unfortunately because of the illness it may be delayed, But I can write to you about my experience of the therapy....you may also show my email address but I don’t check my mailbox regularly...

We spent a lovely two week vacation in Kas, Turkey, with my daughter experiencing Dolphin Therapy for 10 days. My daughter suffered lack of oxygen prior to birth and now she is retarded in physical and mental development.
We heard about the positive effects of dolphins on such babies so we wanted to try. We both enjoyed the therapy. My daughter simply loved it; everything about it, the animals, the water, the doctor, even the animal trainer. The therapy started with getting to know first Misha the dolphin and then a couple of days later the belugas. As my daughter showed interest and no fear we could proceed with the therapy without problems. The therapy consisted of three main parts. Building up physical closeness with the animals, contact through the soles of the feet and the palms of the hand, then playing with the dolphin or beluga by throwing balls or rings, and also feeding them, and the last part swimming with them or staying close to them in the water. Each therapy consisted of these three parts, but always flexible adapting the situation to the mood of the child or animal. Always in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, things were happening but not forced. Sometimes it seemed nothing was happening, and then one entered the water and felt on ones own body the strength of the ultrasound emitted by the dolphin, and realised that the ‘nothing’ was also a lot, and strong therapy. The effects of the therapy should be seen after one month as it takes time for the central nervous system to react to the therapy, We are starting this period now. Till now I noticed a boost in the mental abilities of my daughter. She understands more, and she expresses herself better. She interacts more with the world around her and her speech has started to develop more. On the physical level as well, she seems to be more in control of her own body. In all it was a joyful experience with benefits, something I would like to try again.

Katalin Juhasz


We have experienced 10 wonderful hours of therapy with Mischa and the Belugas, and they have won our hearts. We were sorry it had to end, but maybe we shall return next year.

Thanks to Igor, Sascha, Viktor, Juri, Helena, Ludmilla and all those other friendly people. It was really super.

Alice Esel with Lisa (9yrs)

Hello Elena, hello Axel,

I would like to say once again that the last two weeks in Kas were wonderful.
The organization of the Hotel, Transfer and the Therapy were simply marvelous.
The Therapy was absolutely tops!!! Total Dolphin Contact!!!!
The little problems, for which you were not responsible, you solved immediately you were informed!
Maxi still misses Misha and Denis.
Now we shall wait and see how the Therapy has benefited him.
At any rate, even whilst we were there, he shed a lot of impediments and fears that were always an obstruction during his whole development.
Let’s see what the future brings.
I promise to keep you informed of progress!!

Best Wishes from us all!!!

Doris Wagner

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