Therapy Team

Our Doctors are recruited from several Russian Universities and State Institutions where research over many years has lead to successful applications and treatment in Dolphin Therapy. They are scientists who belong to the International Institute for Dolphin Therapy in the Krim/Ukraine, and also in Moscow where the biggest research centre is located, specialising in Hydrobionics and the bio-acoustic therapy aspects of therapy using dolphins.


In our free-water dolphinarium and Rehabilitation centre at Kas, well-tried and successful forms of Therapy are carried out under the supervision of our doctors. The team comprises of several specialists. Our doctors specialize in the application of dolphin therapy treatment of children upwards from one year old to adults up to the age of fifty. The Therapies undertaken here are special treatments for different illnesses and handicaps that have been successfully developed and carried out with the help of bottle-nosed dolphins. To this end we have specially trained dolphin doctors working in our Therapy centre in Kas.
Russian scientists have been researching the effects of dolphins on human beings for over 30 years; this according to a definite scientific programme. Thousands of meetings and years of research, even before Peristroika, were undertaken. The results
of the research were not only theoretical, but have been proved successfully in practice. The results of the research were not only descriptions of changes in the patients behaviour, which in Psychiatry is often the case, but also specially devised measuring methods using medical and technical apparatus that step-by-step have produced fixed scientific values.
It is not only that swimming with dolphins is fun, although this in itself can bring about a great improvement for the patient; but the dolphins can bring about positive changes in the organism of the patient, organs are influenced in a positive way – which organs are being influenced?, which processes are beginning or being revitalised?, to which intensity are emotions being awakened through the sonar waves?, thes
e are questions that constantly concern the doctors. Our doctors are first-rate specialists that are continuing research into Dolphin Therapy